The isolated places, the nations far from the media routes, the small cities, allow to watch the world in a realistic way. Scotland, Russia, Denmark, South Africa, England, New Zealand, Egypt, Portugal, Finland, Italy, Spain, Norway, China, Australia, Cuba, New Caledonia, France, Czech Republic, Arabic Emirates, USA, Germany, Iceland, Wales, Andalusia, Holland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Korea, Mexico, Canada: these are the nations in which I watched and operated, directing and filming, writing and thinking. Not only places and dates, but persons, experiences, events, instructions, stories, words. A route for my identity.

In Moscow I was in 1989 and in 1990, during the fall of the Berlin wall, the city vibrated, dreaming and hoping.

In Africa the xhosa-zulu tribes lived in Langa, one shantytown of a million inhabitants close to the City of the Good Hope. I daily listened them repeating (smiling), One Nation One Hope.

In New Zealand, with the Rotorua maori people, I confronted myself with their desires to reconquer their own visual, linguistic and geographical memory.

In Iceland I lived the magic of the Trolls and of the last ones of the vickings, the phylosophy of a community that cultivates the ice.

In New Caledonia, Melanesia, I have seen the Kanak people, from decades victim of the French repression, vribrates hoping in an autonomy that will arrive with big difficulty.

I observed to reconstruct the Mostar bridge in Bosnia; it re-unites the rocks sides but not the spirits of the community: the Muslims guys entrust on the emigration the better making of their life .

In Sidney I watched and described: “Blocked in the center of the street, with no physical tensions, remains an aboriginal man, lighted folded ahead by a thought, perhaps. He looks the sky, as smelling it, he arranges his clothes, stocking the hat. In that moment it begins raining.“.

In Pyongyang, North Korea, I intensely lived the distance of a western experience from the time of the dictatorships, from the dramas of the past century. But roads were full of the smiles of happy children, unaware of their today but convinced that the future is opened.

Some screw reserve been strange or, following the repetition of this feeling, they reserve been hopefull.